Laundry bag contents are washed, dried, folded, packaged, & returned in SNLB (SPINZ Nylon Laundry Bag). Medium/dark colors are washed in cold and whites in warm; all clothes are dried on medium heat unless otherwise specified. While SPINZ Laundry makes every effort to catch any “dry clean only” garments, we are not responsible for damage to non-washable clothing received by in laundry bags.

CHARGES: Service offered may be purchased in semester plans or general Option plans. Plan options include one SPINZ Laundry bag for weekly/bi-weekly clothing allowance. Use of service without a current plan constitutes singe use charges at either $18.00 per 12lb load or $35 per 15lb load for drop-off and pick-up service only.

PAYMENT/DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: Account balances are charged, per semester(s) for plans. Invalid cards require prompt full payment or late fees apply until balance is current. SPINZ Laundry employs collection agencies and notifies credit bureaus for accounts in extreme delinquency.

SERVICE CHANGES/NOTIFICATIONS AND ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Due to the fluid logistics of a collegiate campuses (events, holidays, finals) SPINZ Laundry may need to adjust service hours, or pick-up locations or pricing. Notification to students and/or parents and General Laundry Clients occurs via updates to the SPINZ website, Social Media Platforms and emails combined efforts. Registrants are responsible for the accuracy of account information on file, including but not limited to student’s/General Clients current mobile, permanent home phone, student’s/General Clients email, parent’s email, and permanent home address. SPINZ Laundry is not responsible for missed notifications or service announcements from invalid contact information.

PICK-UP & DELIVERY: SPINZ Laundry is not responsible for clothing (orders) before pickup or after delivery. SPINZ Laundry is not responsible for orders left over 30 days.

REPORTING: All claims (including missing/damaged items) must be reported within 48hrs of delivery. In the rare event that an article is missing there is a good chance that a roommate put it in their laundry bag by mistake. Roommates’ clothing can get mixed up easily. Due to variations in fabrics and dyes SPINZ Laundry cannot guarantee against color loss, bleeding, and shrinkage when following manufacturer’s care instructions. We take additional steps to remove stains that are identified prior to processing, but SPINZ Laundry cannot guarantee removal of existing stains. We try to remove and return items from pockets, but SPINZ Laundry is not responsible for items left in clothing or any resulting damage. Refund or credit limits when SPINZ Laundry is responsible for loss or damage is: $50 on any total laundry claim. We want to make sure that you receive excellent service. If there is an item in question, then please contact a customer service representative at: (613) 507-7484.

CREDIT: Gift certificates expire the earlier date on the Gift Certificate or end of academic year.

CHANGE OF SERVICE credits expire at end of original service plan. Overpayments post as credits to account and remain until a refund request.

CANCELLATION OR CHANGE OF SERVICE: Service Plans are cancelled or changed ONLY by submitting a completed Change of Service Form (CSF) to the Central Office via email or fax. Change or cancellation is not processed by phone. Parents and Students/General Clients, not SPINZ Laundry, are responsible for communicating any changes. Use of service that contradicts changes from an executed change form is charged accordingly.

REFUND POLICY: We are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you are not satisfied you may cancel during the first 30 Day Trial Period for a prorated credit or refund, less $10 for bags and a $40 processing fee. Prorating begins the date a completed Change of Service Form (CSF) is received in the Central Office via email. The Trial Period begins when service is requested or classes start. All refunds on credit card payments have a 3% processing fee. $18-$35 a week will be charged for each week since the customer signed up for the service regardless of whether the service has been used. Students are not refunded for under-usage of services from prior weeks. No refunds are issued after the Trial Period. If a customer cancels service on or before start date and has not received a bag, a full refund (less processing fees) is issued.