COVID-19 Laundry ON-DEMAND Available

Doing laundry yourself

Time: 3-4 hours per week
• Travel to and from laundromat
• Time to sort, wash, dry and fold laundry
• Time to purchase supplies

Cost: Approximately $1.25 per lb. per week for washer and dryer, PLUS ADDITIONAL costs for...
• Detergent, stain remover, fabric softener
• If you have laundry in your home, cost for utilities (water, gas and electricity)
• Travel (cab, gas or bus)

Convenient? NOT
• Laundromats are sometimes badly located and underserviced
• Don’t forget all of the coins you will need
• Nasty weather (rain, snow, sleet) to contend with!
• Laundromats might be closed when you have time to do wash
• Carrying a big bag of laundry can be awkward on your bike or public transit

Using SPINZ laundry service

Time: 3-4 minutes per week
• Put laundry into your SPINZ laundry bag

General Pricing Cost: Approximately $2.08 per lb. (based on 10-15 Lbs per load) per week for wash, dry and fold, INCLUDING PICK UP & DELIVERY…

Convenient? YES!
• Pick-up service
• Everything is washed, dried, folded and delivered to your home
• One easy payment per semester
• No worries about when laundry facilities are open, or busy
• No need for extra purchases for supplies
• Rest assured that your clothes will be washed “whites turning pink”!
• Safe, secure
• No late nights on the streets on your own.
• No long waits by yourself at the laundromat

Questions and Answers

Q: What if I have something that I don't want dried or that needs special care?

A: We provide a Hanger Service for items you don't want in the dryer. Contact us for details.

Q: How many clothes equal 12 lbs.?

A: We find that most of our customers use about 10 to15 lbs. of laundry per week. This includes a couple of pairs of jeans, a couple pairs of shorts, several T-shirts, a few dress shirts, a couple of towels and a sweatshirt. We have found that most people have no problem at all making our 11 lb. minimum per week on the bi-weekly route, but if you have more room in the bag perhaps it’s time to add the sheets and blankets from your bed. During the winter, people tend to generate more laundry per week because they are wearing jeans and sweatshirts more often. Also, if you work out regularly, or participate in athletics, you tend to have more clothes to be cleaned.

Q: How do I pay?

A: That’s easy! SPINZ on-line registration accepts: Interac e-Transfer, Credit (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or PayPal.

SPINZ will keep your financial information in our secure files in order to debit your account each semester/annually. You can even have your parents or grandparents pay for SPINZ services using their credit card. Just make sure that we have new or changed billing information attached to your account.

* Please Note: If you prefer to pay by cheque, cash or Credit Card (non-online) please contact us via email to make arrangements.

Q: What types of washers/dryers are used?

A: Your clothes are hand separated and washed in our high-efficiency Maytag and Inglis front-load washers, and Whirlpool dryers. Once your clothes are dried, they are hand folded on our folding tables and packaged for delivery in clean plastic bags. Your reusable SPINZ laundry bag will be clean, folded and included with your clothes, along with your SPINZ ID Badge.

Q: What detergents are used for my clothes?

A: SPINZ uses industry-standard household detergents and dryer sheets. Please be assured that NO harsh industrial strength detergents will be used on your clothes. Typically Tide liquid detergent is used with Bounce dryer sheets. We don’t use anything on your clothes that we wouldn’t use on our own…in fact, we DO use the same machines and detergents for our own clothes!!!

Q: Do you offer a no dye/no fragrance detergent?

A: Yes, we offer a no dye/no fragrance detergent, at no extra charge. Please make sure to mention this to SPINZ when your order is picked up and note it in the ‘Other” section of your SPINZ Checklist. For these orders, we will automatically leave out the dryer sheets as well.

Q: What temperatures are used when washing and drying?

A: SPINZ will wash your dark clothes in cold water and will use warm water for your whites. We dry your clothes on medium heat, or at low for more delicate clothing. If we have questions, we always read the labels in your clothing to ensure we are treating your clothes as the manufacturer specifies.

Q: What if I left something in my pockets?

A: The staff at SPINZ checks all of the pockets in your clothing prior to washing. If we find anything at all, even something that looks like trash (candy wrappers, napkins, etc.), it will be returned to you.


All Laundry submissions should have an Inventory Sheet attached/included so that, we can cross reference garments and ensure proper items are returned.

SPINZ will be not responsible for lost or misplaced garments if an Inventory Sheet is NOT included with Laundry submissions.