Posted: October 30th 2015

Yes, it’s happened to all of us. We start doing laundry with the best intentions and life gets in the way and we end up leaving a nice clean load in the dryer for too long - or even sitting out in a laundry basket. The result, wrinkles...and also having to do it later when you don’t really want to.

There is no problem with choosing not to fold your clean laundry right now, but like I just said that is ultimately just going to create one cold, wrinkly pile of clothes you’ll have to deal with when you’re really not in the mood.

Best thing to do? Just deal with them now!

Underwear and Socks

Put all of the underwear in a pile and all of the socks into a separate pile. Since it doesn’t really matter if these two things are wrinkly just do yourself a favour and at least separate them to save yourself a little time later. If you’re like me you can even just throw them into the drawer unfolded, although I always opt to match my socks first - or else I get angry later when trying to look for a matching set. Hahaha.

Shirts and T-Shirts

Hold the t-shirt by the shoulder seams and give it a good flap to get out the initial wrinkles then lay it flat on the bed. Repeat this same process with every t-shirt in the basket - once you’re done you’ll have a nice pile of shirts that will still look okay when you go to put them on later.

Jeans And Pants

If your load consists of jeans, take one pair out at the time. Hold it by the waistband and give it a good hard flap (same as the shirts). After that just lay them out flat on your folding surface (or bed). Best part is you can lay several pairs on top of one another without causing them to wrinkle - yay. You can do this with most long pants (and even shorts).

Sheets And Towels

I personally cannot stand wrinkly sheets (but that is just me). To avoid this I tend to pull them out of the dryer quickly and just lay them flat. At the same time I couldn’t care less about wrinkly towels...in fact they don’t really wrinkle at all. For towels I have no issue just leaving them in the dryer or throwing them into a laundry basket (if I need to free up the dryer for another load).

If you could care less about wrinkly towels or sheets, simply leave them until later. I am one of those women that folds towels in the evening when dinner is done and the TV is on, yeah...I can multitask.

Now What?

So you now have these piles of clothes lying all over your folding surface or bed.  So now what? Well the bottom line is that you’ll have to fold them eventually.

Laying them out only buys you time if you have to get the next load of laundry going. Sadly this does not save you the trouble of actually folding them and putting them away.

How Often Should I Do This?

I do this maybe once or twice a week, at the most. I don’t want to get in the habit of leaving my clean clothes lying around because I have a kitten who thinks that my clean (mostly black) clothing is the MOST fun thing to play with in the house. The same can be said of some of my friends dogs - perhaps it is the clean smell, or the fact that the clothes are still warm from the dryer...I really don’t know.

Another issue is that when I do this I have all of the stuff waiting for me when I got back into my room in the the evening and then I have to spend the time folding them and putting them away so that I can go to bed.

So personally I try really hard to get everything folded and put away prior to 4pm every day.

Anyway - I guess that is the end of my tip. Honestly this is something that should really only be done if you have NO time - and is does happen every so often. Best case scenario is to just never do laundry again, am I right? So - take a look around the site, read the different packages that are available and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Until next time everyone - happy folding!

By: Amanda Relyea-Voss


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