Posted: September 26th 2015

Okay, so I know we are heading into winter, and it’s not exactly “spring cleaning” time - but I am sure you have a bunch of old clothing laying around the house collecting dust. How many times have you gone into your storage area and discovered box upon box of clothes that are unused, unwanted, and just taking up space?

I figured I could share my knowledge with you so that you can “up-cycle” some of those items, and put them to good use.

There we a few different items in my “junk bag” - so I am just going to focus on those. I assume that these are pretty common items to have laying I will just just focus on them.


So - first up on the list is those old, worn out, faded sheets that you put in a bag “just in case” you might need them. Guess what? It’s a few years later and that bag has a layer od dust on it but you still refuse to get rid of them.

Here is what you can do:

  • Cut and measure your sheet and use as a table cloth. Easy to wash and offers a unique look - especially for those of you who like the “vintage” look. Or students who don’t have money to spend on table clothes. :P
  • Add a few ribbon pulls and use make set of curtains. This one is for the students especially, since you’re probably moving a few times a year and really don’t want to go and but good curtains that will likely just get ruined anyway. Plus - no one else will have then, so just think of it as you being super original and hip.
  • This might seem a little old fashioned, but there may still be some of you out there (like me) who try to keep their books in good condition. Well - have you considered making book covers? You can use the old sheets to make them, and keep your books in good condition so you can re-sell them down the road, or just keep them looking nice.
  • Dishcloths! Yup, save yourself some money and cut them into squares to use as wash clothes. Yes I know they are probably a little thinner than you are used to, but since you didn’t buy them you don’t have to feel guilty for only using them for a few weeks and then just tossing them out.


You’ve done races, volunteer events, been to too many concerts, or just have a stack of t-shirts that you never wear. Well, don’t worry - we all have way too many, it’s just something we learn to accept in life. How about repurposing these items and creating some cool gifts or items for yourself?

  • Check out one of the many t-shirt rug tutorials out there? They will show you how to cut up your t-shirts up and either braid, sew, or fold them into a beautiful rug.
  • Have a shirt with a neat logo you just can’t part with? You can be eco-friendly and turn that shirt into a tote bag. Their are LOTS of YouTube tutorials that can help you out - and the best past is that if you mess up the first one you can just try again with one of the other 20-some shirts you’ve collected.
  • As with the bed sheets, you can also make t-shirts into cleaning rags. Since the material is a little bit heavier most people prefer t-shirt rags, so grab some scissors and have fun!


Wherever those socks ran off to - I hope they are happy. If you’re like me you have at least 10 single socks in the corner of your sock drawer that do not have a mate. For the life of my I cannot figure out where they go since two go into the washing machine and only one comes out. So - what to do with those socks that are sitting around lonely and sad?

  • If you have a dog you can braid a few socks together to make a dog toy! Best part is that your dog can destroy it all they want, and you aren’t mad because you just spend X amount of dollars on it at the pet store.
  • Do you workout? If so you don’t have to spend your money on those expensive arm bands for your smartphone or music player. It’s super easy! All you have to do is take a sock, cut the end and slip it onto your arm. Then fold the bottom over your phone and let the workout begin!
  • Don’t like spending all that money on the Swiffer dusters? I find that a sock over my hand works just as well - maybe even better. Best part is that you can wash and reuse them.

So, as you can see there are ways to upcycle your old clothes, and these are just some of the ideas. If you have others I would love to hear about them, leave me a comment with any suggestions you may have - if I get enough I will write another post about it.

Now - all that being said I have one suggestion, let us do your laundry! We promise that all socks will come back in pairs, so at least you can scratch one of these off your list.

By: Amanda Relyea-Voss


All Laundry submissions should have an Inventory Sheet attached/included so that, we can cross reference garments and ensure proper items are returned.

SPINZ will be not responsible for lost or misplaced garments if an Inventory Sheet is NOT included with Laundry submissions.