Posted: April 14th 2015

So - it’s that time of year again and you’ve started spring cleaning your bedroom.

You’ve taken every article of clothing from your dresser drawers and have purged what is no longer needed - that $5 shirt you bought with the tags still attached...what were you thinking?

After the purge you decide to meticulously fold the items you’re going to keep and then placed them back in the drawer.

The problem is that within a week (after you do some laundry) your drawers are not going to be as nice and tidy anymore. It really is just a matter of days until they are back to looking like you just threw your clothes in after washing - which, let’s face it, you probably did.

So the question is...what do you do to prevent this from happening?

Enter. Drawer. Organizers.

Now I am not a big gimick-y type of person because I think that  I am just too practical for that.  But on the other hand I do find that I like items that are functional, save me time, and don’t cost a lot of money. So - that being said drawer organizers seem to fit the bill for me. There are tons of choices for drawer organization - you can even find stuff at the dollar store!!  

Here are a few to get your wheels turning about the perfect choice for your own dresser drawers:

  • Slotted Interlocking Drawer Organizers - This kind is a great solution for your sock drawer.  After you’ve gotten into the groove of folding socks rather than balling them up (blog to follow), you can keep them straight with one of these. This is also be a good choice for keeping stacks of folded underwear straight or small lingerie pieces - yeah, you heard me ladies. ;)
  • Drawer Dividers - This divider is great for smaller items like lingerie or folded socks, belts, and any other random accessories.
  • A Box with Lid - Occasionally it is helpful to have a lidded box inside of a drawer.  Use it for those items that need organization and aren’t used as often.  For example, your collection of pantyhose, trouser socks, Spanx or any other lingerie items that aren’t used on a daily basis. Admit it, you have some balled up in the corner of your underwear drawer somewhere.
  • Deep Drawer Organizers - These are an option if your drawers are deep enough to fit them. This set from IKEA is great if you want to organize different items in a single drawer. Perhaps t-shirts, tank tops and long sleeved shirts? For the guys, if you are short on hanging space and must fold ties, a storage container like this is a must to keep them wrinkle-free.
  • Large Capacity Drawer Organizers - If you have a hard time with your t-shirts sliding around, this is a great larger-size drawer organizer.  If t-shirts stay stacked well, you’ll never have that wore-the-shirt-to-bed look.  Well, unless you did actually wear it to bed - in which case you should probably just throw it in the laundry instead of putting it back in with your clean clothes.

So - that’s it for now everyone. I will say that I am in no way affiliated with IKEA, and have not been asked to recommend these products, it just so happens that they have a lot of the stuff that I personally use. You can find similar items at other stores like JYSK, Home Sense, and like I said before - even the dollar store.

Last but not least I should remind you that instead of wasting your precious time doing endless amounts of laundry you should simply let us take it off your hands. You’ll save yourself 12 hours a month, time that could be much better spent - especially during the beautiful summer months.

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By: Amanda Relyea-Voss


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