Posted: June 3rd 2015

There are always those items that should be washed, but you often forget about them - or simply don’t know how often they should be done. One questions that I have been asked many times (recently by my roommate) is how often should you wash your bathroom towels?  And what about the bathroom rug?

I am not going to call myself an expert - since I am just a regular person who has found my own way of doing this but in my experience people tend to fall into two categories when is comes to this dilemma.

With towels most people use one every day, one every other day, or they only switch once every couple of weeks. And when it comes to washing bathroom rugs it’s probably once a week or they rarely wash it at all (if ever).

So - here is the advice that I have come up with to share with you...hope you find it helpful.

Why You Should Wash Bathroom Towels Frequently

It would seem that one wouldn’t need to change bathroom towels too often. I mean, you are drying off a clean body with a dry towel, right? Right!

Although that might seem logical but here’s the kicker...every single time you use your towel to dry off you’re scraping off dead skin cells (ewwww). Those dead skin cells collect in the fibers of your towel, so it stands to reason that if you use your towel for 10 straight days, you have 10 days’ worth of exfoliated cells on that towel. Lovely thought, huh? Didn’t think so.

Also, because your towel got wet when it dried off your body the fibers got wet, and when that happens there is an opportunity to harbor bacteria and other germs in those fibers. I bet that could cause a panic attack for those germaphobes out there. Hahaha.

My recommendation to you is to wash your bathroom towels every 3-5 uses. So if you get a fresh one on Monday and shower daily you should likely be on to number two by Saturday. The good news there is that a load of laundry can handle a fair number of towels - so you might not actually have to wash them for a couple of weeks. Yay!!

I should also mention that this rule of thumb only applies if you hang up your towel after every single use. It actually needs time to dry between uses so yucky things don’t breed and cause mold and mildew. Because who wants to smell that and rub it all over their body during the next use?

How Often to Wash Bathroom Rugs

So - this is a little bit different. In my humble opinion how often you wash your bathroom rug depends on a few different things.

  • Does the rug have a non-skid rubber backing?
  • Do you use your bathroom frequently?
  • Do you splash lots of water on the floor?

First things first, if your rug has a non-skid rubber backing on it then it can’t be washed frequently. Your bet in this case is to wash a the rug with warm water instead of in the laundry machine. Washing in the machine will deteriorate the rubber backing rather quickly - but I once or twice on cold (or warm) should be okay. So - I have found in the past the best way to maintain a bathroom rug that has a rubber backing is to only wash it once every 3-4 weeks (this can be less if you’re not getting it wet that much).

If a bathroom is used frequently, rugs need to be washed weekly. If several showers are taken in the same bathroom on a daily basis, the rug gets wet/damp multiple times which leads to more mold and mildew buildup (which smells musty - you know what I’m talking about). Since the rug is against a floor it doesn’t breathe well (if at all) so it takes a lot longer to dry.  Think about it - a wet rug on the floor really is the perfect condition for gross things to multiply quickly.

So - I think that just about sums up what I wanted to cover in this post. I hope you found it helpful. All that being said it’s silly to worry about doing your own towels when you can just let us take care of them for you? You can sign up for a trial three months of service and we’ll pick up one load from you a week - it could be just towels...or anything else you need taken care of. What do you have to loose other than a few hours of chores!

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By: Amanda Relyea-Voss


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