We'll supply the bag, you supply the laundry ...

Spinz will pick it up, have our all-female team wash, dry, fold and deliver it right back to your door!

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Serving -> Queens and Greater Kingston for over 6 years!

Take back your time by having SPINZ take care of your washing.

Once a week, we'll come right to your door to pick up your dirty clothes. You'll get them back within 24 to 48 hours—clean, folded and ready to wear.


SPINZ lightens your load

SPINZ is safe, secure and super convenient. Here’s what you get:

With SPINZ, ‘doing laundry’ goes from hours to minutes. Stuff your clothes into your free SPINZ laundry bag and get on to more important things.

No more late-night bus rides to the laundromat. No more waiting on roommates to empty the dryer. Just leave your clothes for pick-up and we’ll take care of the rest.

Including pick-up and delivery—SPINZ costs almost the same as doing laundry yourself, when you factor the price of detergent, machine fees, utilities, bus fare or gas.

Comparable price, zero effort. Now that's a good deal. See details here...

What Are People Saying About SPINZ Laundry Pick Up & Delivery?

I am resident manager for an executive suite business in Sydenham Ward, KINGSTON. Dave and SPINZ have been a lifesaver as things have been really active this year. Quick turnaround is a requirement for us and our linens; SPINZ always is right on the spot. Wish we had done this a long time ago.. I highly recommend this professional-level service . You can count on them to do it right every time.

Christopher Marie Walker

Spinz has been an absolute blessing to have this past semester. As a student who does not have the time to do laundry, Spinz saved me! As soon as I signed up, Dave (the owner), set-up a time for pick-up and drop-off of my laundry that was convenient for me! Not only does the service take their customers schedules into account, but Dave follows up to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction! My laundry is always perfectly clean and smells fresh. Even though the laundry service is great, what makes Spinz stand out is the friendly staff. Dave and his team make your laundry experience so easy and enjoyable that you'll actually start to enjoy "doing laundry"!

Take my word for it and sign-up, you will not regret it!

Becky Wieschkowski

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the service and performance of SPINZ laundry service. With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find time to get laundry done. However, with SPINZ there’s no stress at all. The professionalism and customer responsiveness shown by all employees has been fantastic and the clothes come back folded & spotless.

For the same comparative price as doing my own laundry, the time saved makes using SPINZ a no-brainer

Tyler, Queen’s University

"I love my downtown apartment, but the one downfall is that it doesn't have laundry facilities. Lugging  a week's worth of laundry to the closest laundromat in the middle of winter wasn't fun. When I found out about Spinz, I signed up right away, and I definitely don't regret that decision! It is one of those small conveniences that makes a big difference. I will be renewing for another session!"

Kate, Young Professional

Give the gift of SPINZ!

If your son or daughter is living away from home, SPINZ makes a great gift. Our dependable service gives students more time to concentrate on the demands of university life—and keeps their clothes clean and in great shape.

I would absolutely give my child a gift of a laundry service. What a great idea!  I know that the service would be appreciated, especially when class work is piling up or it is a cold, dark winter night."

Fill out your checklist, pop it into the SPINZ laundry bag and don’t think about it again until your order of clean clothes comes back to you!"


All Laundry submissions should have an Inventory Sheet attached/included so that, we can cross reference garments and ensure proper items are returned.

SPINZ will be not responsible for lost or misplaced garments if an Inventory Sheet is NOT included with Laundry submissions.