COVID-19 Laundry ON-DEMAND Available

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All Pricing includes door-to-door Pickup & Delivery, SPINZ Bag & Complimentary Hanger Service.


City of Burlington / Oakville
At $1.83per Lb for 10-12Lbs ($22 per week), including pick-up and delivery—SPINZ costs the same as doing laundry yourself, when you factor the price of detergent, machine fees, utilities, bus fare or gas.

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*City of Burlington / Oakville Single Loads:
$3.67per Lb for 10-15Lbs. ($55per week).

*City of Burlington / Oakville Double Loads:
$3.67 per Lb up-to 30Lbs. ($110per week).

*City of Burlington / Oakville One-Time Service:
For One-Time Services, please Call:
(613) 507-7484 or email for more details.

Inside City of Burlington / Oakville; Minimum 30Lbs @ $3.50 per Lb.
Outside City of Burlington / Oakville; Minimum 30Lbs @ $4.50 per Lb.

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All Laundry submissions should have an Inventory Sheet attached/included so that, we can cross reference garments and ensure proper items are returned.

SPINZ will be not responsible for lost or misplaced garments if an Inventory Sheet is NOT included with Laundry submissions.