How To Hang Up Dress Shirts

March 25th, 2015

One thing that people sometimes have issues with is keeping their dress shirts from getting wrinkled - I know I used to. With that in mind I thought it would be cool to teach you how to properly hang up dress shirts – that way they stay perfectly pressed and you'll never have to worry about a wrinkled/misshapen shirt again.

1. Hang Up the Shirt Immediately After Ironing

While hanging up the shirt directly after ironing may seem obvious, to some people it isn’t. Trust me – there are so many people that take the time to iron their dress shirts and then casually throw them on their bed, or even hang them on a doorknob. Not cool people!!

I mean really? If you do that, you’re just asking for it to get knocked off of the doorknob, or inviting your furry friend to climb up onto your bed and make a nice little bed out of it.

Simply put - save yourself the heartache and hang up your shirt immediately.

2. Hang Your Dress Shirts on Any Hanger that is Not Wire

Yup – I said not use a wire hanger.

We realize that every dry cleaners in the country uses wire hangers, but those hangers cause their own set of troubles for your poor shirt.  Although it's nice that wire hangers are so thin because they take up less room in the closet - it’s that same thinness that makes points at the shoulders and causes the shirt to pucker.

If your dress shirt has any weight to it at all, a wire hanger will cause it to pucker around the yoke and shoulder with time. So, head to the dollar store and pick up something with a little more substance – the rounded plastic ones are my favourite.

 3. Adjust the Yoke and Button the Collar

It’s best to hang your shirt while the hanger is actually hanging on the rod. It may sound silly, but it’s best not to attempt to hang your shirt with the coat hanger in your mouth or tucked under your chin. Not only does that method hurt your teeth, it also is really hard to get the shirt on there correctly.

With the coat hanger hanging on the rod, drape your dress shirt across the hanger. Adjust the yoke of the shirt (the back part through the shoulders) to make sure it is aligned correctly. You don’t want one shoulder way in the front and one way in the back because your the shirt will wrinkle if you do this.

After the yoke is situated correctly you should adjust the collar. To do to turn the collar down as it should be, and make sure the collar buttons are fastened. Now fasten the top collar button. You’ll probably have to re-adjust the yoke again to make sure it hangs correctly.

4. Button Every Other Button

Now here is one of the most important steps if you don’t want your shirt to wrinkle in the closet: button every other button down the length of the shirt.

If you fasten just the top collar button, the shirt will not fall off of the hanger (which is the usual goal), BUT if you want a wrinkle-free shirt you need to button every other button.  It keeps the shirt from shifting in the closet when you slide the hanger around on the rod. 

5. Place Coat Hangers 1-2 Inches Apart in Your Closet

Okay – this might seem a little bit OCD, but just hear me out!

The ideal spacing between coat hangers is 1-2 inches. I know that this is not feasible for everyone, what with those of us who do not have the luxury of a huge walk in closet – but do your best with the space you have.

Most people tend to cram as many hangers in the closet as possible – nothing wrong with that.  While this method is efficient in keeping your clothes off of the floor, it tends to cause items to wrinkle quite easily because they get pushed against one another, causing creases to form.

I don’t think it’s much fun to end up with wrinkles after you’ve spend the past hour nicely ironing (and properly hanging) your shirts!

So do you have trouble with hanging your dress shirts?  Not enough closet space?  Too many clothes?  What’s your biggest dilemma with hanging shirts? Feel free to drop us a line, we are always up for a good discussion.

And – of course – if you are tired of doing it yourself then maybe it’s time to consider letting us take care of all your laundry troubles.

You can give us a call at (613) 507-7484 or sign up here.

By: Amanda Relyea-Voss


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